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What is a Doula? 
A Doula is an experienced professional who provides continuous physical and emotional support to the mother before, during and after birth.  
This support is given in a completely non judgemental way. Just being there, providing options and most importantly listening to each couples individual needs, hopefully help make their own experience of pregnancy, childbirth and adapting to life as a new family that little bit more special. 
I offer a full doula service covering Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Milton Keynes, Hertfordshire, North and West London. 
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Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labours are shorter with fewer complications, there is a reduced requirement for caesareans, babies are healthier and they breast feed more easily. 
30% less use of narcotic drugs 
30% decrease need of forceps 
40% decrease in the need for augmentation 
50% decrease in the rate of caesarean births 
60% decrease in the need for epidurals 
"An increasing number of women are hiring a doula, as they provide individual attention information and support to their clients." 
Birth Doula 
I offer a free telephone consultation for any of my services: 
•A free initial meeting to discuss your expectations, thoughts and experiences, along with any questions you may have 
•Two further ante-natal sessions focusing on your specific needs, hopes and anxieties; full birth preparation; creating your unique birth preferences; feeding and after birth care 
•24/7 call-out period form 38 weeks until your baby is born. Should your baby arrive before this time, I will do my utmost to be with you. 
•Unlimited contact via email and telephone throughout your pregnancy and after your baby is born 
•My full, undivided support and attention throughout your labour and birth. 
•Post-birth I will stay with you to ensure you are comfortable and have everything you require. I can help you initiate breastfeeding/skin-to-skin contact, remaining with you for as long as you need me. 
•At least one post-natal visit to provide any further support or assistance you may need, discuss your birth and to see your precious newborn. 
The benefit of having me, a trained midwife, as your doula is that I truly understand birth and can communicate well with the clinical staff. As a doula I am a experienced in hospital, home , water births and VBAC. 
A doula gives emotional support as well as offering physical comfort measures. I can also support your partner to participate as much as they feel comfortable. 
A full doula package is £650 
Antenatal/ Postnatal Doula 
If you wish to have someone support your through your pregnancy but don’t feel the need or desire to have a birth doula then I am happy to provide that one to one support. We can use the time to talk through any previous experiences you may have had. We can discuss your options, choices and work together to formulate a birth plan that will enable you to be empowered to birth your way. Everything we do will be personalised to your needs and expectations. I am also happy to support you with appointments should you feel the need. 
Some mothers, quite naturally feel the need for support after their baby is born 
This service will be tailored to your needs. 
Pregnancy/Antenatal Package - from £200 depending on requirements – please call to discuss 
r what ever  
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My role is to nurture and protect the woman during the birth experience and providing what ever support is needed. 
I have had many years experience of supporting women during childbirth. To gain even more knowledge I have under gone a preparation course with Developing Doulas.  
Further information about Doulas and what we do see 
If you would like to know more please call 
01234 343713 or 07846 847 231 
The care you need to experience you deserve  
New born Baby
" A huge thank you for all the help and support you have given me throughout my last two pregnancies.Your calm and caring approach to childbirth, along with your amazing hypnobirthing techniques gave me the confidence I needed to achieve the births I wanted." Faye 
"I can not recommend Pat enough and would encourage anyone to consider having a doula for a totally unique birthing experience" 
I have now helped and supported over 100 couples during their pregnancy and birth as a doula 
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